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Mount Rinjani is pretty well known. In addition to presenting a charming panorama, this mountain also has a distinctive compared to other mountain. Yes, Rinjani is one of the highest mountain in Indonesia. With a height of 3,726 M above sea level (masl), Mount the third place after the peak Ndugu-Ndugu or Carstensz in Papua (4884 masl) also Mount Kerinci in Jambi (3,805 masl). Inevitably, many domestic and foreign climbers visiting the mountain located on the island of Lombok-West Nusa Tenggara.

To reach the island of Lombok and Mount Rinjani you can use the airplane and arrived at the International Airport of Lombok (LOP) or fast boat that arrived in Senggigi harbor or Teluk Kodek.
Currently, there are 2 official route to climb Mount Rinjani. First, through the village of Senaru is located on the northwest side. The second is Sembalun village,
Of the existing route, Sembalun a favorite route is often used as a starting point for the ascent of the visitors. Because the track is not as heavy as Senaru pathways are known to have the ramp-steep climbs. However, visitors should remain vigilant and continue to consider the physical condition while hiking. Mount Rinjani is because the weather is very difficult to predict when entering the rainy season.

In fact, in each January to March officers Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) always close the climbing activities as Mount Rinjani has air pressure and weather can change in a short time and rain season as well.

After post I , beauty Rinjani increasingly become the panoramic hills that can be seen from Post II to post III. Because there is less than 3 miles, traveling from post I to post II is only take 1 hour. Somewhat longer when you are heading towards the third. Where to go to the post that there are many wild monkeys it takes about 3 hours.

Before continuing the journey to the Post IV or Plawangan Sembalun, you are advised to take a break in the third post. You see, the path climbs to Plawangan Sembalun has approximately 30 to 60 degrees. For those of you who are not accustomed to hiking, this is certainly it would be very tiring. The trip to the summit of Rinjani last post before it took about 3.5 hours to 4 hours.


Arriving at Plawangan Sembalun, you will be tired of "reduced" by the view presented. Where the beautiful Lake Segara Anak would look from where you are. So even with the glow of the setting sun and the clouds add to the elegant ambience.

Typically, before climbing to stem the climbers spend the night in Plawangan Sembalun accidentally. This was done so at 02.00 the next day they can move on to the summit of Rinjani. "So we can see the sunrise at the summit of Rinjani. There was beautiful.

Sandy route, the journey to the summit of Rinjani taken within 4 hours. Instantly sleepiness and fatigue also pays off when you have an iron signpost reads "Peak of Rinjani 3726 masl".

Yes, it is a marker peak. And the question of why it was beautiful Rinjani answered here. Where Segara Anak, Senggigi Beach to the island can be seen from the top. Nothing wrong with this mountain beauty spread to mainland Europe and Asia. Are you interested in climbing Mount Rinjani?

Trek Lombok is Located in Senaru, Bayan - North of Lombok, Province of West Nusa Tenggara. This is Porters and Trekking guides Member for Rinjani National Park. Most of trekker who comes for Lombok trekking is joining our Trek to Mount Rinjani National Park

We are established in 1992 with 105 member (Porters and Trekking Guides )

We have more then 190 complete trekking equipment and we maintained them every months. For single trekker who wish to hire equipments, Trekking Guide and Porters can go through our website and order them through our email.

Since Mt. Rinjani became a major tourist destination in , Trek Lombok is based in Senaru Village under Mr. Bahri as Trekking Guide Leader

Now, With Lombok Holiday Tour , we work together to provide you a better accommodation before and after trek .



As information that the Rinjani name is taken from name of the Selaraparang royal daughter, Dewi Anjani Lombok which are known to have a beautiful face. Although known for beautiful and mewarkan charm, Rinjani is an active volcano and never experienced any major eruption of Mount Salamas named in 1257. From the eruption, comes the one who turns into a large caldera lake Segara Anak.

Many climbers often come to the lake to rest 1 or 2 nights. In addition to seeing the beautiful sights, it turns out you can also fish in the lake this tectonic. Do not be surprised, if you will hook fish Tilapia struck by the palm of an adult hand.

We provided several services for Rinjani Trekking as Follow:

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We are flexible in any itineraries depending on your time, trekking experienced and stamina, Contact or write to us for advise and suggestion regarding your trekking to Mount Rinjani National Park.

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